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I had clients visiting today, so wasn’t able to blog this morning. Here’s the stuff I would have blogged about. 😉

  • Yahoo’s planning to beef-up its video services by the end of the year. Are they too late to the game? What Yahoo needs is revenue, and even YouTube hasn’t figured out quite how to monetize video.
  • Plaxo has plans to get into social networking. I’ve not had time for the briefing, but this is what they told me…”Pulse will pull feeds from over 18 of the top Web 2.0 services and bring it into one centralized location to allow members to stay connected to their contacts effortlessly.  With Pulse members can see when their friends upload a video, post a picture, rate a restaurant or choose a favorite news article.”
  • Finally! AdWords advertisers will soon have the option to opt-out of AdSense for Domains.
  • Slashdot wants its “server crashing” crown back and so has launched its own version of Digg. As Peter points out, Slashdot lost the crown because of the secrecy in what it takes to get a story listed on the site.
  • is testing its own micro-payments service.
  • Netvibes has launched a Facebook widget.
  • Jordan McCollum

    Oh, you should’ve texted! I could’ve blogged—I slept all morning!

  • You’d get up before noon? I’ll remember that. 😉

  • james

    Saw this article too:

    AdWords may be having even more legal issues here soon.