Pilgrim’s Picks for August 31

It’s the end of the week and the end of the month! Does that make today a BOGO? ;-)

Here’s some interesting news from today’s feeds.

  • http://symbiancorner.blogspot.com William

    Surely Google will do only software part. The hardware manufacturer is one of Korean developers LG or Samsung.

  • http://www.superodev.com √∂dev sitesi

    Google is hoping to use the content in the ways noted in the Ts and Cs. Content that you and I may rationally believe is private, but which Google rationally believes is public.

  • http://www.ericlander.com Eric Lander

    The SEOmoz tools are great Andy, but as you indicated — they can make you go crazy. Sometimes too much of a good thing, can become bad. Trying to focus on every little detail is difficult at best to do.

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