Posted August 8, 2007 11:18 am by with 1 comment

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Temperatures will exceed 100F in Raleigh today, so I didn’t want to risk my keyboard melting before I could get these stories to you. Instead of a full post, here’s a link roundup.

  • It’s been in beta for a while but today Spock, the people search engine, publicly launches.
  • Google’s purchase of Postini – the web-security provider – has received the blessing of the FTC.
  • Traditional media companies are snapping-up social media. Om Malik reports Forbes has acquired Clipmarks, while Hearst has snapped up Kaboodle – both are social bookmark companies.
  • Dabble Do launches. What is it? It’s a social to-do list that works with Facebook. In other words, you can bug the crap out of your friends until they complete a task you sent them. Go ahead, just try and assign your grocery shopping to me. 😉
  • Ohh man on my way to work today there was a crew laying asphalt. Felt bad for those guys, hope there getting paid double time or something. Its so hot out.