Posted August 29, 2007 10:46 am by with 3 comments

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image Yes it’s true. Contact management service Plaxo wants to strip down and reveal all for its new Pulse social networking aggregator. OK, so we’re talking about its decision to open up some of its source code–and not actually encourage nakedness on its network–but that wouldn’t make for an interesting headline, would it? 😉

The company has released the code for its new “Online Identity Consolidator,” which can automatically discover a user’s social-networking accounts across the Web and embed their related RSS feeds on a Plaxo Pulse profile.

You can get access to the open source code at

  • I was duped into visiting by a title I knew not to be true, yet couldn’t resist.

    It’s a good move by Plaxo. I think it should be obvious at this point that releasing at least some of your code and letting developers come up with new ideas for your site is a good thing.

  • The service looks like really big breach in my privacy. And I didn’t find what about mobile there. How do they work on mobile devices?

  • @Steven – I’m glad I hooked at least one person. 😉

    @William – not sure what your concerns are. Where do you see the breach?