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It seems that just about every company wants a piece of the social networking industry – and the valuations that go with it – and Plaxo is the latest to join the party.

While Plaxo is already somewhat a social network – after all you can aggregate all of your contacts and share information between them – but with the launch of Pulse, you can now share all of your social profiles.

Plaxo claims Pulse uses “people feeds” to bring together your activities across more than a dozen social networks. Here’s the list of supported sites at launch:

Plaxo says the list of supported sites will continue to grow and you can categorize your contacts so you get to decide who sees those wild photos from that party on Saturday.

It’s the first social networking aggregator that I’ve seen – at least from a company as entrenched as Plaxo – and the service is so sorely needed, I full expect others to follow-suit quickly.

  • Wow, was waiting for a service like this to came out. I am going to have to check this out.

  • I have to agree with Brian. This is one of those services I’ve been waiting out on a long time now. “Multiple Identity Fatigue” has been a problem that could have slowed or constrained the growth of social networks. Now that there is a certain amount of interoperability thanks to Plaxo, maybe content aggregators will get serious about developing true identity portability.

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  • Definitely this is the most widely needed service in todays social networking environment… must say Plaxo has a huge list of supporting sites

  • Wow really great website. I can share my Flickr photos with some folks, but not everyone who has me in their address book.

  • It’s like a big notebook for connected people. But what’s with privacy?

  • Former Plaxo user

    it’s too bad that Plaxo didn’t learn the lesson from Facebook and give users the ability to turn this feature off if you want privacy. The way Pulse is configured, every one of your Plaxo contacts sees all your other activity. Nice! The party photos I uploaded for my friends also get sent to my co-workers and there is no way to prevent it. Great idea Plaxo!

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