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Whether it was a practical joke by his daughter, or an act of rebellion, Rudy Giuliani’s facing an embarrassing situation. According to Slate, Caroline Giuliani’s Facebook profile indicated she supported Barack Obama for president and not her own father.


On her profile, she designates her political views as “liberal” and?until this morning?proclaimed her membership in the Facebook group “Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack).” According to her profile, she withdrew from the Obama group at 6 a.m. Monday, after Slate sent her an inquiry about it.

While the chatter should fade away over the coming months, it will be interesting to see if this story ends up on the first page of Google. A year from now, Giuliani could lose a few votes if searchers dig up that story.

  • *chuckle* .. A good illustration about just how private (NOT) a social network can be ..

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  • To me that says Rudy raised a kid who can think for herself and not vote for daddy simply because he’s her pop. If anything, this illustrates how exploitative the media is when it comes to some of our nation’s most important issues, like choosing leaders and war. To them it’s ratings and scoops and that pretty much just makes them bottom feeders in my opinion. Oh my god, somebody has their own opinion, let’s play this story out to death! Retards.

  • the worst part is her answer to

    Looking for:

    Whatever I can get

  • @Terry – wouldn’t you also raise your kid to respect your parents? Publicly stating your opposition of your own father is hardly smart.

  • I also think she knows it isn’t smart. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have yanked it off there so quick.

  • @Mark – or maybe someone had to point it out to her. 😉

  • Tried googling it using some keywords. 0 results found. Obviously they’ve got a no index tag on private profiles. Which leads me to the following question: Why would one of her “friends” point this news out to the media?

  • @ Brian: i first noticed “random play”

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