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Dave Sifry, CEO of Technorati, announced today on the Technorati blog that he’s stepping down from his post. He states:

For those of you who follow Technorati regularly, you know that we’ve been conducting a CEO search since Spring and that it was just a matter of time before I made a transition. But searches such as these take time, especially in a market as frothy as this one, and I decided that rather than waiting for the process to play out, I would go ahead and transition to the board exclusively, taking on the role of Chairman of the Board.

So without a CEO, Technorati will be guided by CFO Teresa Malo, VP-Engineering Dorion Carroll and VP-Marketing Derek Gordon, forming “a committee of Office of the President.” Of course, the board will continue to direct the company and Sifry will influence the direction of the company from his post there.

Sifry moves on, possibly to start another company:

I’ve been doing startups for almost all of my adult life. And I LOVE startups. I love the teams. I love the sense of mission, and the fast innovation. I love building something from an idea – a whiff of air over vocal cords – into a real, concrete business with real customers and a deep and real sense of corporate mission.

Sifry also announced that eight Technorati employees would be leaving as well in order “to adjust our expense structure”—sure hope reading the blog wasn’t how they found out they were getting the axe.

CNET cites competition from Google Blog Search as contributing to Sifry’s decision; Sifry doesn’t mention competition.

  • How long until the Google collective swallows up another of my favorite entities? I give it a year or so…

  • Knowing Google’s affinity to buy out anything remotely great and having a rising future, I wonder when google may wanna buy out technorati.

  • I don’t know about a year…knowing Google, they will get to it sooner than later. We all know how they operate and they usually want to get things done before its too late.