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Now that Google has announced plans to use better copyright detection technology on YouTube this Fall, it seems there’s a mad rush to file law suits.

It’s almost as if copyright holders realize they only have until the Fall to get their law suit filed and claim damages from Google. After Google launches it’s new detection technology, the copyright infringement claims will have less of a sure footing.

The latest to jump on the law suit bandwagon is a coalition of Japanese media companies.

“YouTube has to stop how it runs its site and get rid of the illegal clips. We want them to reset the service,” composer Hideki Matsutake told a joint press conference in Tokyo Thursday. The coalition met with YouTube and Google executives earlier in the week, the second such meeting this year.

“There is no middle ground,” Matsutake said. “We demand that all copyrighted material be removed immediately.”

YouTube has already removed 30,000 videos in October, after the Japanese group originally complained. I guess if you enjoy watching grown men eat roaches while crabs dangle from their nipples, this is your last call. 😉

  • I’ve got to admit, I was skeptical of Google’s purchase of YouTube because it seemed like a lawsuit magnet but so far, it seems to have worked out for them. Who knows how some of these cases would have turned out without Google’s massive legal defense fund behind them.

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