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Chris Brogan has found what Twitter is useful for: personal branding. In his Newbies Guide to Twitter, Chris advises:

Twitter is an appetizer for who you REALLY are and what you REALLY represent. I’ve found that Twitter is a great way to bring a human conversation into a digital world. One hint: mix it up between posting tweets and COMMUNICATING with other people on Twitter. People don’t like being simply spoken to; they want your updates without a little give and take.

I love this idea; but I’m not quite there on the execution. An appetizer for who you are in 140 characters? Anyone care to flesh out this idea a bit?

In addition to using Twitter for personal branding, Chris also offers advice on effectively leveraging Twitter as a social network:

Twitter can hook a lot of like-minded, geographically-diverse people together.

Used this way, Twitter is a great way to drive awareness of something of interest to your larger community. If it’s of interest AND entertaining, extra points.

Want more ways to use Twitter? We’ve previously covered several guides to Twitter, 5 ways Twitter can make you an industry expert and Andy’s even asked you to Twit him.


  • I think Twitter can be a great way to share your personal brand with those further up the “food chain.” Twitter allows you to do a sneak attack branding campaign on those that are more influential than you. It’s hard to explain, so stop me at SES or Twitter me. 😉

  • Twitter is great for a certain type of message. However, I would always recommend it’s part of a cohesive strategy using multiply channels, rather than focusing on a pure Twitter channel

  • I like using it to build relationships. I think it’s a great way to have a forward and back with people, point to things that are interesting, and then also explore what others are up to and doing. It’s not that I’ve created a strategy. I just like to bridge people to thoughts and see where we all go.

    Neat ideas, Andy and Owen.

  • I certainly know some folks who would be best to stay away from twitter — they’re the ones who already have distraction and time management issues. I know because at times I’m one of them.

    Yet, when approached with a sense of purpose twitter can be quite useful for quick communications, a loud “pat on the back” to someone, to announce or showcase something folks should know about, to catch the pulse of your group’s conversation, to tap into the expertise of your followers to answer a question, to touch base with someone you might not meet in any other venue.

    I was a skeptic, but after watching and listening, I’ve seen the folks who wished to “be on stage” fade away into the background.

  • it’s a great way to have a forward and back with people.So it is great way to share your personal brand…

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  • Twitter is a great way to network and then to allow others to follow you’re every move. Saying that, it’s a great way to keep in contact with others, without losing touch, over time.

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  • Have you gotten used to 140 characters yet? It wasn’t that hard for me.

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