Posted August 15, 2007 11:08 am by with 9 comments

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image It’s bad enough that expecting parents are naming their kids based on Google search results, now we learn they’re giving them Facebook profiles too!

Australian couple Claire Gillis and Luke Waring have set up a Facebook profile for the child–due in 3 months–and are providing updates on the baby’s progress, says Reuters.

“We have friends and family all over the world, so we’re using it for them, to post updates on ultrasounds, scans and what it has been doing all week, so that’s how it started,” Gillis told Australia’s Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The grainy black-and-white ultrasound image of “Bubba Waring” has 29 friends listed, with dozens more waiting to be accepted by “the world’s most famous fetus,” Gillis said.

The couple are considering whether to make the profile open to everyone–maybe they need to read my warnings on that topic.