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Hitwise, a company that offers their clients from around the world insight on how customers interact with competitive websites, has just launched a new widget called Hitwise To Go. This new widget is the first in a series of widgets to be launched by Hitwise, and its RSS-based service will provide information about user behavior for the US, UK, and Asia Pacific markets.

“Releasing our data via desktop widgets makes it easy for digital enthusiasts to stay informed about key online trends as they happen. They also serve as a gateway to access a full archive of online statistics and other publicly available Hitwise data sources such as the Hitwise Analyst Blogs and our Data Center.” said Tessa Court, chief marketing officer for Hitwise.

Hitwise To Go will cover a slew of industry topics such as:

  • Growth of newly launched websites
  • Recent search trends
  • Effects of Web 2.0 technologies on specific industries
  • Popular websites amongst specific demographics and social group segments

The information presented in the widget is based on how 25 million Internet users search and interact with over 1 million websites each day.

You can download Hitwise To Go at:



Asia Pacific:

  • Drew,

    Yikes! Another widget to add to the sidebar! However, I suppose that this type of information could be valuable to readers… Thanks for sharing this 😉

  • Wow this sounds pretty complicated. Could you point me in the right direction of where I could learn more?

    I don’t think I fully understand what exactly the widget does, but the idea I’m getting sounds interested and would be beneficial for me as I am always creating new sites based on research and analysis of the latest trends in web marketing.


  • @ Luke

    The links at the bottom of the article will take you to the Hitwise website and they give an entire breakdown and everything you need to know about Hitwise To Go.

    Just make sure you pick the right version…there’s a US, UK, and Asia Pacific widget.

  • Okay, great! I thought they were the direct download links for the Widgets 🙂

    Thanks again, I will give it a read through when I get home from work.

  • Interesting – I thought google already did all that… my concern is while it sounds good, still bring ups the thought “big brother is watching” kind of feelings. Do they really need to treack everthing I do online……

  • Great… Hope it will very useful for our reader.

  • I’ve tryed to use the Google Trends… and I’ll checks this one’s too