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Yahoo Local Gets a New Look

I’m digging–as in loving, not submitting to Digg–Yahoo Local’s fresh new look and content. The site has undergone a huge facelift and just seems a lot more useful.


Here’s what you get with the new interface:

  • Quickly change tabs from City Guide (similar to CitySearch), to My Local (for your favorite items), to the local Directory listings.
  • The City Guide has a central section that lets you pick from four different types of featured content: Most Popular, Events (from Upcoming), Maps and Buzz.
  • Lots of other cool content such as local groups, traffic, wi-fi hotspots, and a weekend guide.

It’s no wonder Yahoo’s portals are helping it beat out Google for customer satisfaction. ;-)

So, what do you think of the new look?


  • Mark Barrera

    I absolutely love it. I had found myself using Google more and more recently for local results but am going back to Yahoo after this update.

  • Website Enhancement

    I am not so sure about the new Yahoo. Does a person have to join their directory to get found. How does the algorithm choose who gets to be seen?

  • Perde

    Seems well organized to me but I don’t use this service much. The big surprise is Yahoo! Maps. I did not know it had improved that much, wow wonderful.

  • Luke

    Fresh, clean, professional and very Web 2.0. I’m Digging it too! I agree with Mark comments. Google offer a lot, but I just can’t particularly stand the interface anymore. It’s not doing a lot of me. Yahoo seems to be going a lot more user friendly, and creating pages that are nice to my eyes..

  • √∂dev sitesi

    Nice. i like it more than google’s. and like Luke says it seems more user friendly.

  • Brian Chappell

    Now if only yahoos search results were as solid as there design on these applications…..

  • Mark Barrera


    Are you referring to their main search results or their local search results? I find that their local search results are very solid and topical to my queries.

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  • tarihteneski

    Most useful use only one or two of these services. I guess there is more a cultural shift needed for these services to be more used.