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The official Yahoo! Search Blog reports a “relatively significant” update in progress – rolling out a new crawler, fresh index and ranking system changes – but unfortunately the post only discusses crawling improvements.

Yahoo! has accepted webmaster feedback that Yahoo! Slurp (their User Agent nickname), has been crawling too heavily – particularly during recent testing. Yahoo! comments that they’ve now improved their crawl process to reduce the impact on your server and will hit your site with fewer machine IP addresses.

The new crawler continues to improve comprehensiveness and freshness of coverage while also enhancing crawl efficiency, which reduces spurious load on websites.

On a more important note… if Pilgrim readers notice any impact on the index itself, please comment and share your observations. Thanks in advance.

  • Well it’s about time. Some of the sites I have seen ranking in Yahoo’s results make me a little embarrassed for them. I actually got a Spanish language result in a SERP once for no apparent reason that I could see. Often, page one results are more than a little disappointing. I have been a Yahoo fan for years and would love to see the place cleaned up a little.

  • Another update happening and Yahoo still hasn’t “listened” to my 301 redirect commands for my blog.

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