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Forgive the title pun – CNet reports that Yahoo! are currently working on a concept social networking service called – you guessed it – KickStart. A LinkedIn style job network to connect college students with potential employers.

Yahoo! KickStart Concept Screenhsot

The features you see in screenshots, like the one above, may never materialise – but if this concept were to get the Sunnyvale green light, never will there have been a truer statement than “it’s who you know, not what you know” — to get an “in” to the company of your dreams you will need an invite from an employee who was also a previous alumnus of your college.

Research surveys are already being conducted among students to discover exactly what they think of this new idea. A Yahoo! spokesperson commented:

…we’re continually checking the pulse on customer response to potential concepts on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes our research leads to the development of new product offerings, but not all concepts we research are formally developed and rolled out to our larger audience

With lackluster take-up of existing properties like 360, Yahoo! is looking for its own “in” road to the social networking space. KickStart isn’t getting labeled as revolutionary, but it has all the hallmarkings of a solid effort, with a “professional focus”.

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  • William

    Yahoo has enough “social” in its current network. Wrap over it another layer – and people may be confused with service. I sometimes confuse in already running services on Yahoo.

  • Mike Mothner

    Yahoo’s desire to gain a greater footing within the ever-growing arena of social networking sites is certainly understandable from a business prospective. Although I agree that it is not a revolutionary idea, the notion of connecting college students with employers via a social networking service has a great potential to grow if it were to catch on among the mainstream of college students. This type of social networking service targets two very important groups of internet users – college students looking for jobs and employers who rely on the internet to expand and grow as a business.

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  • Owen Cutajar

    Social Networks are becoming just like standards. There’s so many to choose from nowadays. It’s nice to see they’re trying to get their segmentation right before launching it, otherwise it will just be one of many

  • ödev sitesi

    i agree with owen. SN are becoming standarts. And the better thing is trying to get their segmentation .

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  • Bidding Directory

    Great for yahoo users. But i think that digg,,stumble,netscape and technorati will always be the knings

  • Friendly Web Directory

    I agree with Bidding DIrectory, there are so many social network sites already out there