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As much as I try to remove myself from Google it seems I always end up coming back. The services and features they offer interconnect so easily and make life so convenient, how can I not? My new favorite Google toy is the iGoogle personalized homepage.

I think I also just found my new favorite Gadget. The Analytics KPI Gadget from the guys over at Monitus

Analytics KPI

From the Analytics KPI Gadget website:

Analytics KPI Features

* New: run multiple instances of the gadget to view several profiles at once
* View KPI from Google Analytics in iGoogle
* Color-coded results to highlight trends
* View week on week and month on month data
* Access multiple Google Analytics profiles
* Calculated KPI that may not directly be available in Google Analytics
* The gadget does not require login information, and no usernames or passwords are sent to an outside server. When you are logged in to iGoogle, the browser can access those Google Analytics accounts that you have access to. This is because both iGoogle and Google Analytics are on the same domain.

The only thing more I could ask for would be the ability to add custom KPIs.

Also for those analytics nuts out there that just can’t get enough, there is also the Google Analytics Gadget.

If your a stats hound like me, gadgets like these can save you hours of lost productivity. By monitoring the overal KPI snapshot, I resist the urge to log in and start digging around.

  • For the readers who might not know what KPI is.

    KPI = Key Performance Indicators

    Great widget! Too bad we don’t use google analytics.

  • Hit up your analytics provider to make one. I’m sure someone could be talked into mentioning it on a pretty popular marketing blog 😉

  • Why don’t you use google anlytics?

  • Google want everyone to use iGoogle personalized homepage, and with these great widgets it’s becoming increasingly difficult to turn down this offer.
    My favorite gadget is PacMan by the way.

  • m1t0s1s
  • google wants everything to use everything google

  • Haha, great find. I’ve been using it for just over a week. It’s really useful – but I still have to hop on to Google Analytics every few hours so I can… *twitch* …get my fix.

  • @Bidding Directory

    B/c google doesn’t need access to all that info. Big brother already has enough from us.

    Also, all the analytic data is on there end. We store the info in our own DB, with our analytic solution, that way we OWN the info, not them.

  • this is one of the reasons Google is on top. They create things that makes the webmasters buzz. Think about it. Howw many people go nuts over PR and a google backlink update. Dont talk too much about yahoo or MSN except for serps.

  • I’ve somehow managed to resist the lure of iGoogle and most gadgets. About the only time I log in is to play Pacman. I’ll look for you in the high scores Perde.

    I find most gadgets sound a lot better to me before I install them then they end up being once I use them. Maybe I haven’t spent enough time with them and this isn’t just a Google Gadgets thing, but I find so many gadgets and widgets offer a lot more style than substance.

  • Hit up your analytics provider to make one.