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MySpace isn’t the only one experimenting with a new ad network. AOL, the long-beleaguered red-headed-step-child of the TimeWarner family, has announced a new advertising network—sort of. After a long gathering of online advertising companies, they’ve finally created a full-fledged advertising division. Or, perhaps they’ve just revamped all of their old ones and cobbled them into a new, single unit with a new headquarters.

To date, these acquisitions include:

  • July 2007, TACODA, behavioral targeting ad network
  • May 2007, ADTECH AG, ad-serving and e-mail marketing network
  • May 2007, Third Screen Media, mobile ad serving
  • May 2006, LightningCast, streaming video/audio ad serving
  • 2004,, direct-response network

All of these acquisitions came under the branch of AOL. The new advertising unit, MediaPost reports, will be called Platform A and will reach 90% of Internet users. The former CEO of TACODA, Curt Viebranz, will head the division.

By finally and thoroughly coordinating its advertising lines, AOL hopes to revamp its fortunes. MediaPost says that media buyers have positive initial impressions of the new AOL ad division.

If perception is 90% of reality, at least one new aspect of the company is already working in their favor: the division has moved its headquarters from Dulles, VA, to New York City (which, while not a great city of origin for salsa, is a great city of origin for an advertising network).

  • I think this will actually work out well for AOL. They haven’t had the press for these acquisitions that Google/DoubleClick and Yahoo/Right Media had, but they’ve built a pretty solid suite of products with tremendous reach.