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How would you like to learn the hottest trends in mobile and local marketing?

How would you like to learn from experts such as Chris Sherman, Greg Sterling, Paul Bremmer, Vanessa Fox and Christine Churchill?

How would you like to attend SMX Local & Mobile for free?

Thanks to a joint promotion with SMX, Marketing Pilgrim is pleased to give away a free pass to one lucky reader.

Here’s what the conference includes:

  • Meet the Local & Mobile search providers
  • Local & Mobile search optimization
  • Using analytics to fine-tune Local search campaigns
  • Leveraging social networks in Local & Mobile search
  • Clash of titans: Google & Yahoo vs. online yellow pages
  • Measuring and demonstrating ROI of internet-influenced/real-world-consummated transactions

Want to go?

We’ll give away one free pass to anyone that leaves a comment below and promises to write up a summary of the conference, for the readers who weren’t lucky enough to attend.

Deal? Go ahead and raise your hand. We’ll pick someone at random on Friday at 8pm EST.

Update: We have a winner, congratulations Mark Barrera! Thanks to all who entered.

  • Pick Me!

  • Write up a summary… I’ll go through a pack of pens in notes alone!

  • Happy to attend in Denver and would be willing to live blog with photos or at least write each event.

    Local and mobile is where our world is going. Would love to attend!

  • Sign Me up…I’m there. I’ll Gladly take great notes for everyone.

  • Count me in on this contest! I just priced a plane ticket and it is definitely affordable. Now all I need is the pass and I can attend my FIRST big conference outside of Dallas.

    I will have a laptop on hand and would love to summarize the sessions for the hungry Pilgrims 🙂

  • Hi Andy,

    First, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to compete in the past two Scholarship programs. While I did not win either competition, my most recent article “Dominating the Long Tail of Local Search with Databases” was found by someone who was reading all of the articles on your site (he said they were all great articles), and that person has turned into a sizable project for our company.

    **I promise to write a summary of the events if selected**

    I can be counted on to attend the sessions and sit in the front row. As evidence, here is my elbow in a photo of some notorious young SEO’s (the point I wish to communicate is that I am in the front row and trying to absorb as much as possible):

    You can also see my well-annotated notebooks from the Local Search Sessions of SES Chicago 2005 & 2006 here:

    I have attended SES Chicago 2005 & 2006 where I attended the Local Search sessions both years. I have also attended the most recent SEW Columbus. Furthermore, our company plans to send two representatives to PubCon (I’ll be at the Local Search Sessions there, too), so I can hope to happily greet you there after doing a stellar reporting job on the conference.

    I pitched to speak at SMX Local, though I appear to have been passed over. I have a lot of expertise in the space, and we even have some unique and comprehensive techniques ( most are mentioned in the article ) for local search engine optimization and marketing.

    I also can’t afford a ticket aside from this opportunity, so it would be greaty appreciated. Travel costs are no problem, though. I currently travel that far by car every 5 weeks to Georgia and back to Michigan, so I’m used to it.

    In summary, I very much hope that I will be selected to report on the conference.


    Ben Fremer
    Web & Graphic Solutions

  • Sign me up pls!… I’ll cross the Atlantic with my macbook ready to take notes for marketing pilgrim readers 🙂

  • I would Love to. Please Pick Me.

  • Aleyda

    Oh 🙁 I have see the date … I have another trip in Oct 2nd .. and won’t be able to do it! I am so sorry … ;( Sniff…

  • Count me in. I’ll be happy to take notes and blog and whatever else you’d like.

  • Quick Question – Will this be announced today or next Friday before the event?

  • Jordan McCollum

    Um . . . am I eligible?

    JUST KIDDING. (Seriously, I’m kidding.)

  • Drop my name in the hat please.

  • Thanks all – I’ll try and announce this evening.

    Jordan – don’t do that to me (again). 😉

  • Thanks! I look forward to going and reporting back the news to the rest of the Pilgrims!

  • Jordan McCollum

    Congrats, Mark! Looking forward to your coverage!

  • Thanks Jordan. I better bring my ‘A game’ to blog alongside you for a couple of days 😉

  • missed 🙁
    next time i will be first one to comment.