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I’m still not seeing anything more than a handful of clicks from the BlogRush network and the service is still struggling to deliver the syndication credits it owes us. At least BlogRush has emailed its users acknowledging their concerns and also admitting that “bozos have come out of the woodwork and are trying to cheat the BlogRush system.” No, really?

Here are the steps BlogRush says they’re taking to cut down on the spam and increase the quality of the network.

1. We’re moving to a MANUAL REVIEW process. No more automation. We will be reviewing ALL blogs submitted to BlogRush. If the quality of the blog is poor, they will not be allowed to participate. We’re going to start reviewing ALL the blogs that are currently in our network and will be disabling the accounts for poor quality blogs.

2. We’re continuing to add security measures to our system and we will be mass-removing any and all cheaters that we discover. We will not rest until the cheaters are WIPED OUT and kept from abusing our network. The manual review process will help eliminate most of them as legitimate bloggers that have put in the time to create a decent blog aren’t the types that are going to be abusing the system.

All of these changes will only benefit our users ? it wil increase their click-through rates and drive more traffic to their blogs. It will also make sure that the blogs their widget links to are only quality blogs.

For everyone that has signed up for an account and has been testing BlogRush on their blog, thank you for your patience. Please know that we are working as quickly as possible to improve the service.

I’m going to give them a few more days, but I’m not convinced that the service can win the spamming battle. If the number of spammy comments left on our BlogRush posts is anything to go by, this one might soon enter the dead-pool.

  • They should say they’re in BETA. Do they say they’re in BETA??

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  • Bushido, yes their site does indicate that they are in BETA although I think that is only mentioned/displayed on their logo.

    Andy, I’ve enjoyed your posts on BlogRush. As I posted on my site, it seems like there are a few others trying to rationalize why the traffic has been low.

  • I’m not seeing any traffic at all at this point, but I do appreciate the emails BlogRush has sent out. They come across as an honestly wanting to improve the system.

    I don’t know if they will improve things, but it does seem like they’re trying.

  • So, if they remove all the crap blogs from the system will it be left with ten blogs by big names in the industry and that’s it?

    Don’t they need the crap blogs to display the widget to burn up the credits all of the big bloggers have earned?

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  • We bloggers love instant gratification, don’t we? 🙂

    Let’s be patient and give them an opportunity. The premise behind blogrush is, in fact, a great one… trying to group like-minded blogs together and push content topics that relate.

    One way we can assist is by looking at the Blogrush widget on a site and look for content that might interest us. I’ve discovered quite a few blogs using their widget that I didn’t even know existed! It’s a little more targeted than a tool like StumbleUpon.

    Give them a chance folks! With pain comes change… and they are acknowledging the pain!

  • My complaint is that there is no way to contact them on their site! I wanted to inform them they I require a narrower widget for my blog, but had no one to turn to.. so even though I trust that they want to improve, exactly where are they culling their feedback? From Blog posts such as these?? Well if so,

    I need a narrower widget!! Thanks 🙂

  • I removed their code from my blog after not seeing traffic coming from them. One problem is that they do not require the widget to be above the fold in a highly visible spot. It’s all about pageviews, isn’t it. How shall traffic come from the widget if nobody promotes it to the reader?

  • I had tried the blogrush, but see no traffic from it, but on another site, decrease my pv…

  • BlogRush DOES WORK! I installed it on several of my blogs and I have met very good success with it. Everyday I see new visitors and subscribers coming to my blogs and the traffic is keeping increasing.
    But I don’t know why some people are facing missing credits. The bad thing is that I don’t know how to contact them!

  • I used the widget on a blog I own and after seeing no return I pulled the plug on it. I think they have a good idea – maybe it just needs a little more development?

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  • I’ve now suspended their widget too. It gives me 0 visitors in 5 days and thousands of impressions.

  • They have a decent enough idea – just seems the way underestimated how widely it would be picked up (and spammed) – now where have I heard that before…..

  • If (IF) they can get blogrush to do what they are wanting it to do, It will be a great program to be involved in. Especially to small (new) bloggers like myself.

    Thats still a big IF though.

  • D

    BlogRush accepted a lot of members and got them to promote their service. And how did BlogRush repay them? They deactivated their blogs and removed them from the system.

    They did this to over 10,000 people just this weekend.

    I can see sites not accepting a submision. But don’t accept someone’s submission, get them to promote your site, and then turn around and screw them over.

    You might want to see this article:

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