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So, here’s the latest episode in the BlogRush saga.

I’m now finally seeing some stats when I login to the service. Great!

Unfortunately, it shows that I’m giving BlogRush more than its giving back.

Credits Earned Last 7 Days: 11,827 (which is really less than 2 days)

Number of Syndication Credits Delivered: 1,715

Number of clicks: 3

Number of clicks showing in Google Analytics: 3

Ok, so the good news is that I’m seeing the stats and it’s matching up with my own analytics. But BlogRush has managed to deliver less than 10% of what it owes me in traffic, and the click thru rate is 0.0017%.

What do you think? Should I keep it going and see if BlogRush is able to at least deliver on the syndication credits they owe me? Should I be happy? Should I dump it?

  • I’d like to respectfully suggest that you give BlogRush a few more days. I am experiencing a surge in feed subscribers although not much more traffic. I will give BlogRush 7 to 10 more days.

  • Thanks for your thoughts Mark.

  • I’d say dump it. Mostly because it lowers the quality of your site. I’m looking at the links right now on your site and two are obvous get-rich-quick schemes (“Make Money Online in Blog” and “Endless Opportunities”). The problem with a pyramid-scheme type program is that it is going to attract exactly that kind of crowd. It doesn’t speak to the quality of your content.

  • And then there is the abysmal CTR… Problogger reported very similar stats.

  • I think it’s time to kill the BlogRush hype. 😉 I don’t know. That’s just me.

    Jon is right. I’m not seeing good links either.

  • I think it depends strongly on your category. In one of my other blogs, which is categorized “law and legal,” I’ve noted a strong uptick in subscriptions and traffic, and none of the “questionable” entries in the widget noted by some of the above commenters.

    I’m hanging on to it for now, but it certainly bears maintaining an objective, skeptical eye.

  • Wow. It’s amazing how quickly something goes from first day media darling with a potentially snazzy pyramid scheme to something that needs kicked to the curb. 🙂

    I’m going to keep it around probably through the end of the month and see what happens.

  • I would wait a month for them to fix everything, and then try it again for a week.

  • I dumped it today already only after a day. It has been down 3 different times on my site and it lacks some simple features like being able to modify the look and feel, width, etc.

    I also do not like that I have also seen 0 referrals in my stats and some crappy, non-relevant sites and descriptions appearing. Examples:

    “Sony Ericsson K8110” – huh??
    “Waste Time Away with War of Conquest” – uhh, right on par with the content on my SEO site, right?

    IMO, another crappy non-relevant widget.

  • I got annoyed with the downtime earlier today, too. I wrote a post showing their very bare bones and sad error message if anybody missed seeing what it looked like:

    I have seen no traffic, but have used it to find a few new blogs to read by clicking through to the various posts throughout the day.

  • I’d wait for it to gain more users, then I’d deploy it again.

  • I also will give BlogRush a week and if there will be at least one click here.

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  • I wonder does it require more content and to “learn” about relevance? I realise that it should be able to scan the page and come up with a good match based on keywords and it is failing on this point.

  • I would chalk this up as a scam. when you add in the multi-tier earnings bit it becomes a case of the early adopters (with a downline) earning massive amounts of credits. End result is that those who have the traffic will have their links shown all the time while the small guy who needs the traffic will almost never see his links show up.

  • Why not just use and avoid all the pyramid scheme business?

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  • Maybe their distribution algorithm is off — either that or only the MAKE MONEY ON YOUR WEBSITE blogs are using BlogRush. I haven’t seen anyone else so concerned with traffic .. yet ..

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  • Andy…that’s pretty crappy traffic for what you’re giving. I have the same widget installed on my site and I’ve seen almost NO visitors from it. Maybe they should do a little tweaking and make it worth people using it on their blog.

  • I dont get what is the benefit from this if you doo net get something in return.

  • Many bloggers report very poor click-rates as well as impressions dropping significantly (see Yaro Starak Anyhow, Id like to give a couple of month for BlogRush to stabilize, few days is not enough.

    Finally, I’d prefer targeted traffic, people who would like to click my ads as well. Not just random dudes surfing here and there. Those ads are the sources of my income. I hope BlogRush works but I have to say I am a bit sceptic.

  • Hey everyone, John Reese from BlogRush here. Please know that we are working our butts off to make improvements. We got hit with system abuse and we’ve got some other issues to solve. Our sole focus is to help our users generate targeted traffic — we realise without that the service has no value. So please know we are working very hard to improve things as quickly as possible. And enough of this “pyramid scheme” stuff. It’s a free service that takes advantage of the network effect and rewards its users for it — unlike all the other viral services online that only benefit the company that runs it. We already have many users with tiny traffic blogs that referred someone with a high traffic blog and they are already receiving exposure that they never would have received. We’re working very hard to fix some problems. If anyone doesn’t like the results they’re getting, then by all means remove the widget and ignore us. But for everyone else, just know that we’re working really hard to make things better — that’s all we can do.

  • @John – thanks for stopping by and giving an update.

  • I’m a newbie to blogging but after initial success in Google listings the blog disappeared from Google searches so I turned to BlogRush to improve my ranking.

    After 5 days I can say that I have had virtually no ‘impressions’ that were not my own (mostly generated when previewing my blogs)! I have yet to see my own blogs listed in the widget but other non-relevant sites appear again and again! Not impressed!

  • We were just removed from Blogrush. Oh, the horror. I should have removed them as it did nothing for us except serve as a leak.

  • I was owed a lot of traffic, perhaps that is Mr Reeese’s way of eliminating his debt?

    See, Blogrush is run by Idiots

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  • Well All I Can Say Is:

    Good-Bye BlogRush!

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