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In this week’s episode of Marketing Pilgrim Live kicks off with my thoughts on BlogRush. Is it legitimate or will it turn out to be nothing more than a scam? I don’t hold anything back, so check it out. 😉

Also discussed, Google Presentation, Yahoo Mash, Microsoft’s Gatineua and SEOmoz.


  • Jordan McCollum

    Wow. So, yeah, I have NO concept of time. Is it Tuesday again?

    Off to kick myself for missing MPTV AGAIN blog!

  • Andy, I posted on Blip, too. Unfortunately, I had someone walk into the office halfway through the cast, so I missed your message. No worries about the name, it’s pronounced “Ria” though. Terrific summary of the week’s big news. I’m really looking forward to the Gatineau release. Thanks again and I’m sorry I couldn’t respond live.

  • Andy – thanks for the advice. We’ll definitely be keeping a careful watch over the brand and making sure that the style and community elements remain positive. Luckily, our deal is very much a case where we and our investors are on the same side of the table, with the same set of goals in both the short term (more members who are happier with the services) and the long term (a unique company that stands out in the field and has a loyal group of members and customers).

  • @Rand – I’m confident you’ll keep things real. 🙂
    @Rhea – np, thanks for stopping by.
    @JM – I’ll send you an alarm clock that is preset for 1:30 EST Tuesdays. 😉

  • Totally off-topic: The other day I was watching the movie “equilibrium” and I noticed how similar you are to Angus Macfadyen ( . Sorry, I suck at comparing people, but in the movie he looks a bit more like you. That goes to show that I’m totally nuts!, when watching action movies with guns and japanese swords, I start comparing the actors to the marketing pilgrim members! 😀

  • BlogRush is a scam in AmWay style.

  • @Bushido – LOL, he’s better looking than me, so I’ll take that as a compliment.

  • If you have a high traffic blog, like mlm and don’t mind risking your Adsense account then it may work well for you.

    For smaller blogs I think, whilst you may still see some traffic, the effects will be negligible.

  • It is a scam i think

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  • When you hide the widget so deep in the site how do you expect traffic when the rest are doing the same thing?

  • @Subliminal – a good point. We had our widget above the fold but noticed no one else did, so moved it.

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