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So, I promised that if BlogRush didn’t live up to the hype, I’d remove it tout suite.

Well, it’s been up since Sunday afternoon and here’s the number of referrals showing in my web analytics…



With that, consider this the 24 hour countdown to the nuking of BlogRush from this site. If I don’t see any significant referrals in the next 24 hours, it’s gone! 😉

  • I called it. And you got a hat tip there too. 😛

    P.S. Is it just me or is your comments box larger than usual?

  • Do you have the FF webdeveloper toolbar running? That sometimes causes problems.

  • Yep – these BlogRush referrals are extremely underwhelming.

  • I thought I’d test it out, as well…only because I have some white space to fill. I’m definitely going to see if there’s any traffic, though and perhaps replace it with something else in a few days.

  • I had the same issue with the Minkey Network. I added it to my blog and after one day couldn’t figure out the value and deleted it.

    I did just find a cool tool to embed podcasts on your website or blog from which categorizes topics. I’m adding a technology feed to my DIY Internet Marketing page which should help the small businesses and service professionals who visit my site.

  • I am seeing the exact same results on my blog. I thought I would see SOMETHING with all the hype around the net for this service. I guess I was wrong.

  • I installed it Sunday and have seen a jump in both feed subscribers and traffic, not to mention new faces showing up in the MyBlogLog widget — icons I’ve never seen before.

    So the question is … does BlogRush itself show up in my referrals, or will the blog my link was on show up?

  • I do, Andy, but oddly enough I’m now doing this on another computer and I don’t see the enlarged comments screen. Maybe it has something to do with the different resolutions of each monitor. Shrug.

  • I killed it after I saw my third error message. Besides banner exchanges are so 90’s

  • Only had it up for today and I am not seeing any referrals. Will hold on for a week or so until I see more webmaster feedback.

  • If it won’t work I will remove it too.

  • yep nearly gone from my site too. 3 days and 0.

  • It has been over-hyped, and easily cheated. I think they need to redo the code and launch when it is ready.

  • It’s certainly been overhyped, but I’m willing to give it more than a few days to see what happens. While I wasn’t expecting much from the beginning I’m curious to see where it will be in a few weeks.

  • Andy,
    I waited until Monday to write a post on the topic and added the widget script in the post. Still on the fence about adding it to my sidebar.

    Once I completed the post, I found an off topic post in the fourth spot on my blog and decided that I would not add this to my site (sexual related).

    I think BlogRush will follow the same path as snap, looks like a good idea but doesn’t translate into a great idea.

  • I am agreeing with Matt McGee above. I’m not too worried about the referrals (it’d be nice but…)it’s the traffic. As I get more ‘credits’ I gain more exposure across more widgets. Which has been bringing more people from places like MyBlogLog(this is easy to see) others sources may not be as apparent.
    Remember…a vast majority of Internet users can’t get past Yahoo! games and their email inbox.

  • This doesn’t seem to be a very successful project, does it?

  • With all the hype out there, expectations are very high while results are significantly less.

    I think once blogrush gets their algorithm down, it could be a very successful program.

    Until then, you’ll have your nay’ sayers.

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