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Surprise, surprise—comScore has found that the category of your blog can make all the difference in whether people are interested in it. With their media measurement panels, they observed that blogs about clothing and apparel, food and beverage and inexpensive products were among the best-received blog categories.

MediaPost reports:

“More serious categories such as insurance, financial services and pharmaceuticals do not engage blog visitors as well,” says Andrew Lipsman, senior analyst at comScore.

“The intensity of usage with conversational media sites is unique to the Internet,” Lipsman adds, with heavy visitors to conversational media sites in particular exhibiting certain niche online behaviors that can be underrepresented in a general consumer panel.

An alternative conclusion, of course, is that “serious” blog categories should work harder at trying to be engaging for visitors. I certainly know a couple places “serious” blogs can go for help creating fun and entertaining content, and building communities around their blogs.

This Conversational Media Report is the first that comScore has produced. Working in conjunction with Federated Media, comScore observed their 2 million registered panel users to come to analyze how Internet users interact with blogs.

  • The most popular blogging category has to be blogs about blogging. It seems they can attract thousands of subscribers in a few weeks.

  • I would be interested to know how much blog readership there is when you eliminate webmasters and the like.

  • I found that hit a little too close to home. I run an ad network for financial services products and I’ve written more about Oscar Meyer hotdogs and the Chicken Dance than I have insurance or mortgages on our new blog!

  • I agree with Andy, has the 2nd most amounts of subscribed users I’ve ever seen on a blog. The number 1 amount is by an new electronics releases news site. Hope this info comes in useful for some readers. 😉

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