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Business Week reports today that Digg will be rolling out a brand new, even more social site any minute now. Designed to bring more of a social networking aspect to the site, the new design will feature the ability to create a “real” profile page, better connect with your Digg friends, monitor their activities and send them stories. Just what die-hard Diggers needed: another excuse to while away the hours on their favorite website.

Business Week writes:

Instead of submitting stories for review by the larger Digg community, users will be able to send—”shout” in Digg terms—story links along with messages to particular Digg friends. Friends, or small groups of friends, also will be able to chat or discuss stories on their personal pages with posts to a message board, a feature akin to the “wall” on Facebook.

Business Week also notes that Digg’s Images function will be available next month and provides a sample profile page:
New profile page on Digg

With the level of dialog at Digg, it was really only a matter of time before they added even more ways to contribute. And who could blame Digg? Clearly, this kind of Internet culture is exactly the kind of thing that we should do everything we can to preserve and foster.

And who says there’s no such thing as culture on the Internet?

Okay, seriously, this sounds like something Diggers would enjoy even without the potential for abuse. Keep your eyes peeled for the roll out!

Via Search Engine Land and Read/Write Web

  • Andy Beal

    I don’t know how this will pan out. As much bickering and snide comments that come from many digg users, I just don’t see everyone getting along.

  • Aidan Henry

    It’s very eerie how similar Digg and Pownce are becoming…

    I posted my thoughts here:


  • Word Hugger

    I was thinking the same thing Aidan.

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  • William

    Digg is trying to become something like Facebook?

  • ScottUA

    Jordan…do you know if this will be LESS geared towards technology? I know Digg is mostly popular with the techie people and is less about overall news.

  • Jordan McCollum

    Well, being UGC, it will be geared toward whatever the people want it to be. Tech does dominate Digg stories, but this will be more about socializing than news.