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Last week, Rand Fishkin gave a good round up and reasoning behind what appears to be a recent Google penalty for sub-par directories. It looks like he might be able to add one more devalued directory to his list: DMOZ.

Search Engine Land reports that DMOZ is no longer showing up in search results for keywords [dmoz], [], [open directory] or [open directory project]. Pages from subdirectories and several folders deep (and the ‘unavailable’ page) still show up in search results, however, the root page does not:

DMOZ serp

This is just the latest in a string of negative publicity for DMOZ. As we’ve mentioned before, last month, Shoemoney said that his site was removed from the directory after he refused to pay an extorting DMOZ editor. Then Joost de Valk, a DMOZ editor, tried to look into the allegations—and had his editorial account deleted.

Oh, DMOZ. We thought things might be looking up for you when you started accepting sites for review again, but alas. Even Google doesn’t respect you now. How long before the all search engines have followed suit?

  • This is great news. I used to be an editor but was disabled for inactivity. I was always amazed at how much time the editors worked in there. I remember how two meta editors actually fell in love and got married to edit together happily ever after.

    I never saw anything crooked, but now maybe it is becoming clear why certain “volunteers” worked so hard.

  • Jordan – the bizarre redirections (301s and 302s) might also be to blame. Google’s been listing pages that technically re-point to other places on the domain, and while the directories that were penalized generally can’t rank for anything, DMOZ still appears to be ranking for plenty of non-branded searches.

  • I am very happy to hear this! DMOZ is just a sh*t!
    They no longer review any site even those strictly meeting their guidelines. I will be more happier when DMOZ is banned from Google and all other search engines.

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  • This going to be a deep impact on some SEO guys who used this site.

  • thats what was normal to expect, every other day trusted sources of the internet get spammed, and search engines have no other choise than taking an action.
    another example, few month ago wikipedia made all external links nofollow.

  • Honestly, DMOZ is so outdated that it has become irrelevant. In many cases I believe they are worse that some of the paid directories out there. I can’t blame Google for de-listing them.

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  • Dmoz is corrupt, so this is a good thing. I just feel bad for all of the well promoted directories that were penalized as well.

  • Craig

    As per usual, the facts get in the way of a good story.

    Shoemoney lied to get some links and traffic to his site. Look at all the fools who fell for it!

    DMOZ being delisted is simply the result of the 301’s that DMOZ set up as the DMOZ directory was at the www and non-www versions of .com and .org
    Every site that puts up a 301 goes through a short period of relisting via Google. Look at tall the fools who had read all sorts of comspiracies into this simple fact.

  • Craig,
    I dont think that anyone who knows who Shoemoney is would agree with you, Jeremy (aka shoemoney) does not make money from (yes there are som ads but c’mon), he has other arbitrage and other projects where he makes money and he would not lie and damage his reputation for few more thousands visitors which would add few hundred bucks.
    you can go and compare the pages from
    it has nothing to do 301 or others, just dont try to use tech terms for others not to understand what its all about and believe u.

  • Sounds like it may be temporary – but really – DMOZ is crap – lucky if sites were listed years ago but what’s the point of a dominant directory if ya can’t get into it by love, money or having a superb site? Realistically – if Goog were just to signifianctly demote it’s importance it would be fine.

  • r

    DMOZ is completely useless, and has been for a couple of years now. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves.

  • This is the best news I have heard all morning. The absolute worst directory online. Cheers!

  • I simply do not understand the problem, DMOZ is fine by me. Sure, they take a long time to approve a site; but at least the site, when it is eventually approved, is knwon to have been genuinly validated. I know there are a few more around, but please let’s have a few more directories like DMOZ that only acept decent sites with genuine origional content. I believe that the influence of directory links generally in on the down, good directories like DMOZ are a bid plus and should be appreciated by search engines.

  • Quested says: DMOZ is fine by me..
    Answer: Then you clearly don’t know what’s going on Terry – this might help:

  • dave

    The shoemoney extortion was link bait.

    It has been thoroughly debunked at many other sites. The evidence is still there.

    There was no listed site to remove from the ODP, and therefore no threat of extortion.

    His sites were banned in 2005 for trying to bribe editors.

  • DMOZ is SH*T, but unfortunately it’s still showing up in my search results.

  • Ian

    Has been explained on the new Official DMOZ Blog. See for the details.

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  • lets pretend we have newbie readers and actually explian why it benefit or hurt the webmasters if DMOZ is removed from Google. I personally never liked the DMOZ system and yes I submitted some sites [ years ago] i never stop to think if they ever were approved or not…

  • So it got its rankings back, but I really wonder why did this happen? If there were only the funny redirects then we should buzz a bit about the issue and warn other webmasters…

  • Wow, it figures. Just when you thought DMOZ’s kharma was given a swift kick in the back end by the net universe.

  • What’s worse with dmoz is, if you are accepted at some point, that they gave you a decent title/description, ’cause good luck getting it changed if it’s not. I’ve found it to be as bad as getting a title of your liking on linkpartners.

  • When is the last time anyone gained anything from DMOZ? That’s ok I’ll wait.

  • t is again visible in topbox results and it still has value.

  • Great to hear!

    Time for a better change.

  • DMOZ is completely useless,and I think is not monitored by any editors too.

  • I tried to get listed many years back but still didn’t got success.

  • Its not issue that if you are not success then its useless. do some more efforts.

  • I have a website that I submitted a domain that was a musical genre of the .com of the same name and was STILL not listed. DMOZ is garbage.

  • Now that’s put a smile on my face. DMOZ have for way too long been seen as an “authority” in the directory world – now they’re getting their just rewards for a pretty poor service over the last few years.

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  • I have only managed to get listed once out of perhaps 10 site submissions (not all owned by me) so I don’t bother. Rather than sling mud at the ODP, let’s wait for Google to unveil its own directory – its hiring in the Local and Classifieds arena suggests that something is brewing there.

  • This is the first I have heard of Google’s “own” directory, I look forward to seeing how this will pan out.

  • I don’t like DMOZ. It eat itself grateful bureaucratic including methods. No one of my sites was reviewed started from 2005…

  • Can any one tell me the process…? plz

  • DMOZ already banned 🙁