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image I made two smart decisions in the past two years. First, I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox–what a blissful move that was! Second, I recently moved all of my email online, switching from the incredibly slow Outlook 2007 to Gmail. So, you can imagine my excitement at the news Mozilla will turn Thunderbird into an online email platform.

Mozilla will spin off a new company, seeded with $3M and headed up by Dr. David Ascher, currently CTO and VP Engineering of ActiveState. The new internet mail platform will be based on, and retain the name, Thunderbird.

Over at CNET, Matt Asay offers up his enthusiastic thoughts on the announcement and highlights how Thunderbird can take on Microsoft by offering internet email that could also take on Microsoft’s Exchange. Asay also has an interesting collaboration suggestion…

It would be truly incredible if Mozilla could collaborate with Yahoo! on this, fresh off its acquisition of Zimbra. A server that married Zimbra’s flexibility and “soft client” (browser-based email client), with Thunderbird’s “fat client” (for those of us who don’t like web-based email) would be a clear winner. I don’t think it will happen, but it would be impressive….

  • I’ve heard that Mozilla Thunderbird is the safest email system there is nowadays. It almost impossible to hack!

  • Sounds good to me, but let’s stay away from working with Yahoo!, Google or Microsoft and just make a really nice web email that syncs nicely with a desktop email and make it their own. I’m tired of hearing about all of the neat things Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft will be giving us as soon as they buy up or partner with another company.

  • I’m glad to see the client will still be getting upgrades.

  • Glad to see there might be an alternative to GMAIL. I am trying to ween myself of google products all together.

  • I am getting SPAM even on gmail which I never used. I would like to use my own email service on my domain. Does someone knows about some good script which allows filtering?

  • Zimbra User

    If it doesn’t happen at the level of corporate co-operation it might happen via thunderbird’s plugin architecture – eg there’s a thunderbird extension to sync contacts with zimbra: