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I received an interesting offer from the folks at Goodmind. They offered me $150 to take part in a study that would take about 90 minutes of my time. I don’t have the time, but Goodmind agreed to let me pass on the offer to Marketing Pilgrim readers, so here it is:

My name is Darrin and I work for Goodmind, a market research company in NYC.  We?re currently looking for participants for a study on bloggers and social media writers.  Participants must be active bloggers and post their own blog, blog for a company, or blog for business reasons.  Participants will be paid a $150 incentive for the study, there is no purchase or sales involved, and it is entirely anonymous.  Those that qualify will be asked to log into our software twice a day, for three days, each session comprising of about 15 minutes, or 90 minutes total.  If you would like to participate, please reply to this email (darrin.lusk AT, or call us at 212-660-0110.  If you?d like more information about us, you can visit our website at  Thank you, and I look forward to heading from you!

Of course, I fully expect a copy of the study from them, now I just put them in front of 7,000+ readers. 😉

  • They should also give you a stipend. Sounds like a good deal if anyone could afford that allotment of time.

  • That’s alot of time for $150. I suppose it would appeal to college students maybe, but busy blog writers/business owners etc. might baulk at it. Thanks for passing it along though – I’m sure they will get some response from folks around here!

  • Yea b/c most professionals get paid over 60/hr. 😉

    Thats a decent amnt. of $ if you ask me.

  • Wow my math was way off. Maybe I should stick to seo and not doing mathematical equations.

  • I have sent them an email. If you google my handle you will get 40K results. I wonder if that is enough for them?

  • That is a decent amount of money, but I am afraid (on their part), that they will get a lot of spammy applicants looking for money, rather than full time social media bloggers. I hope I am proved wrong though.

  • Word – I hope you are not referring to me!

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  • Sounds too good to be true !

    Has anyone got any experience to share?

  • In this case they will catch a study for over a million dollars costs.

  • Couldn’t find much info on their site…

  • I’ve talked to a person working on the project to learn more. They ask a series of screening questions in order to determine whether they want to include someone in the study, so there’s some validation going on — not sure how stringent they are. They won’t share what the study is on — other than saying it’s looking at Web and social media usage and attitudes — or what company is sponsoring the project. They will not share the aggregate results with participants, so there’s little value at the end… beyond the $150.

  • @Heath – thanks for the extra info. I guess you just have to look at it as way to earn $100 an hour. 😉

  • Just sent them an e-mail, still waiting to hear back…

    I’ll post more info on what’s going on if I get the chance to find out 🙂

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  • I just submitted a request for inclusion email. It’s worth a try.

  • If you’re looking for an easy $100, and assuming you get accepted, it sounds harmless enough. 15 minutes a day could be fitted into pretty much anyones schedule if you’re so inclined.

    Thanks for sharing this info with us :o)

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  • Has anyone successfully completed this yet?

    Would be interesting to know how the study goes.

  • Its arround 6 months now, has anyone gone through this offer. Actually there are lots of such offers now a days but before giving my time, i just want to check authenticity of such programs. If anybody has made money in this kind of program, Please reply here.