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It seems that rascal Google wants to Moon the competition.

No, Larry’s not about to press his bare behind against the Google jet’s windows, but instead the company is continuing its space exploration kick.

First up, Google has announced a $30 million prize package to any one that can land a “robotic rover on the moon and beam back a gigabyte of images and video to Earth,” says AP.

The winning spacecraft must be tough enough to survive a landing and be equipped with high-definition video and still cameras. And it must be smart enough to trek at least 1,312 feet on the moon and send self-portraits, panoramic views and near-real-time videos back to Earth that will be streamed on Google’s Web site.

So, why might Google be so interested in sponsoring the video and photo capture of moon images? We’re glad you asked, because that leads us to the next Google announcement – they’ve added a kind of Street Views to their Google Moon site. Now you can see little space men all over the moon and zoom in to view detailed moonscape images.

  • It’s amazing – Google Earth is no longer sufficient, we now must expand beyond this to Google Moon. There really seems to be no limit to the technological advances that Google intends to achieve in the relatively near future. If Google is able to eventually capture video and images from the moon, its preeminence would now extend beyond the confines of Earth. This is an incredible though!

  • Looks like I need to go buy a model rocket kit.

  • I’ve been trying to think of what if anything Google is looking to get back from this. Admittedly they might simply want to inspire exploration, which is pretty cool.

    Will they be blurring the faces of all the moon people or are they prepared for the privacy lawsuits? And which court would handle the case?

    Great title by the way.

  • Wow $30 million is a very nice prize. Why don’t google do on his own?

  • Maybe google is plannig to release google moon