Posted September 6, 2007 3:53 pm by with 8 comments

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Website Optimizer isn’t the only Google product getting an upgrade: Google heard my prayers, and today they have been answered. Google Reader has a search capability now! And they can count higher than 100!

google reader update includes accurate unread story count up to 1000 and search

Hard to believe, but for some reason, before today the most popular search engine in most of the Western world didn’t have a search feature for its feed reader. Now, you can search your hundreds of daily stories to find that one you thought saw the other day on the guy with the video . . . ? Um . . . well, it’s not clairvoyant, but the Google Reader search can now help you find things a lot faster.

The Google Reader Blog notes that if you subscribe to someone’s shared items (like, I don’t know . . . Andy’s?), they’ll search them, too. I’m not sure why this had to be specified, though . . . if it’s in your feed reader, it’s indexed and searched, right? Perhaps it means that if your friend’s shared items are only excerpts, it will search their full text?

Anyway, a second boon: Google Reader will include accurate unread story counts up to 1000. (I originally typed ‘undead.’ Not the same thing.) I’m very glad for this one, too: I could never tell how much digging out I’d have to do Monday mornings with my “100+” stories.

Thanks, Google!

  • It really is funny that Google took so long to add search functionality to Reader. You’d think all Google products would have search wouldn’t you?

    I guess the recent Bloglines upgrade forced their hand.

  • Now if only they’d add a feature to allow me to sort all feed items alphabetically – or delete duplicate stories – it would be perfect!

  • Feedster they bought has taught Google how to search feeds:)

  • I belive that Google will make sure that it will be perfect soon.

  • I have been waiting for this feature for ages and finally it is out! thanks for the news…

  • That would be a logical thing to do. At the end of the day Google is a search engine.

  • Yes, it is logical, and i think a smart move on Google’s part.

  • EE

    Finally! A search company adds search functionality to one of its most popular applications. Wow. Unheard of.