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Google Website Optimizer, now nearly one year old, has received its first update, according to the Official Google Analytics blog. Ooh, pretty pretty data!

The major improvements to the optimizer include:

  • A wizard for creating A/B split tests (am I drooling?)
  • A better interface for the experiment list display
  • “My Client Center Access Manager”: “Now, with permission from their client accounts, agencies can access Website Optimizer directly through the My Client Center.”

For those of you using Website Optimizer on the agency side, this last point is a great boon: now you’ll be able to manage multiple clients’ accounts from one central agency account.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a bit of a data addict. And while I’m not currently using Website Optimizer (I wish I were!), if you’re doing a PPC campaign, you should definitely consider using this free tool to improve your conversion rates.

  • Jordan,

    Great to see Marketing Pilgrim covering this! As some of the original beta testers for Google Website Optimizer — before it launched in April — we helped one client get results that Google didn’t even believe at first (the case study showed a 5,100% boost in sales). The current issue of Inc. Magazine has another case study where we used GWO to help DOUBLE their conversion rate. After a few homepage tweaks and some testing, 1/5th of their visitors actually buy something. (Not bad, considering that’s almost 10x the industry average!)

    Knowing what to test is the most important thing, but there’s really nothing to lose. It’s free.

    I interviewed GWO’s project manager Tom Leung about the updates and what they have on the horizon. If you’re interested, the link from my name will take you there…

  • Google Website Optimizer (GWO)is really a unique tool in AdWords that we don’t find in other PPC engines. Now with the improvements on the optimizer, Advertizers chances for higher conversions increse manyfolds.

  • This is true Google brilliance in my book.

    The innovation they bring to the market is just staggering. Instead of sticking their head in the sand and watching their competitors overtake them, they just come up with new and better tools which keeps them ahead of the game.

  • Google has for sure the best tools for website developers. Noone else can provide such help not for yourself but for clients.

  • Jordan, I can assure you; you are not the only one drooling. Google has spent lots of time and energy to improve analytics, the ppc interface and now also the website optimizer.

    It’s hard not to like their products, very hard.

  • Google strikes again. These people really care about their clients – us;)
    Thanks for interesting post!

  • I must recommend this tool for anyone who hasn’t used it yet. The best part of such a great a/b testing system is that it is FREE!

  • I am using the google webmaster tools and google analytics. that’s really very good.

  • Used it and loved it! They do like these neat little new features.

  • I have been using this tool since it was released and I really love it! It is now better and better. Keep up the good news…

  • I too have to recommend this tool. They keep improving it and I am really impressed by that.