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There’s a good reason why you can’t yet get Google Maps’ new Street Views for locations in Canada–they’d likely break Canadian laws on privacy.

According to Reuters, Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart wrote to Google in early August asking for more details on Street Views.

Canadian law obliges businesses wishing to disclose personal information about individuals to first obtain their consent. Stoddart said pictures of people on Street View were clear enough to be considered personal information.

“The images … appear to have been collected largely without the consent and knowledge of the individuals who appear in the images,” wrote Stoddart.

“I am concerned that, if the Street View application were deployed in Canada, it might not comply with our federal privacy legislation. In particular, it does not appear to meet the basic requirements of (the law).”

While Google is working to blur the faces of anyone caught-up in a Street View photo, they are only doing so upon request. This wouldn’t cut it with Canada’s 2004 personal information protection act, which could be part of the reason there’s not a Street Views option for Canada.


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  • So what you’re saying it if we want to publicly embarrass ourselves, without the whole world knowing we should move to Canada.

    Aren’t the street view pictures being taken by real people? And if so shouldn’t it be obvious that some of the pictures shouldn’t be taken? You’re going to catch some people if you take pictures in public, but should the embarrassing moment be the focus of the image?

  • Come on… it doesnt matter unless the pictured person is not “special” or doing some strange think.
    We are just people and it is normal that people see you on the street anyway so than you could stay at home forever untill google comes with some technology to see inside homes 🙂

  • Great!So what you’re saying it if we want to publicly embarrass ourselves

  • No the question should be, why doesn’t america have such rules… we complian about the poparatziiiiis …. yet it’s ok for google to drive down the street with an automatic camara catching pictures of people and publicly displaying them without consent… hey, if they catch you with your pants down… i bet you wouldn’t want that online….

  • Wow! I’ve discovered this feature now and never before. Guys, how many cameras have they.. Or how they take pictures?