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Gpay Just as users report a second major eBay property outage in the last 30 days, PayPal wake up to the stark reality of Google’s expansion plans with the publication of a new Patent application.

PayPal’s subscription service stopped working the same day, August 30. Service providers affected by the outage have been advised that the issue could take until September 5 or 6 to fix – possibly delaying tens of millions of dollars in monthly subscription payments.

In the meantime, the US Patent Office released details of Google’s text message-based payment system filed under the guise of Gpay on February 28, 2006. Although dubbed as a mobile web solution – possibly Google Checkout for mobile, Gpay does have the blueprint of being web independent. Images clearly indicate the offline payment of goods – including vending machines, point of delivery, and over-the-counter from retailers – where the transaction is facilitated using a mobile device.

Gpay Patent Fig 1A

In the same vein: Over in Europe, the contactless payment initiative, using MasterCard PayPass technology, is now well underway – and it’s target market has an uncanny resemblance to some of the Gpay cashless concept drawings!

However, with rumors still ripe over Google’s iPhone killer, Gpay could be an exclusive part of their Gphone offering – enabling mobile payments natively from the handset could be one of several moves to leapfrog other mobile operators. Despite a positive reception in March, PayPal Mobile hasn’t “set the world on fire”.


  • Japan has mobile payment on their vending machines for quite some time now. Why are we always two (or more) steps behind?

  • “Gpay could be an exclusive part of their Gphone offering – enabling mobile payments natively from the handset could be one of several moves to leapfrog other mobile operators.”

    This could definitely be the differentiating factor that google’s phone would need to take the market by storm. I think its a great idea.

  • i dont understand ??

  • In Germany (and probably other european countries), we had a very similar system running in the early 2000s. It was called “PayBox”, worked with SMS on a send/receive basis. You could even pay some taxis with it, however, it failed to get widespread because of too few points of sale accepting paybox (it was, however, relatively popular for eBay payment). Went out of business a few years ago.

    Can anyone spell “prior art”?

    Postscriptum: I have looked it up, and paybox still seems to be operational in Austria (see )

  • Great, I was thinking that Google will have to come with something bigger than just another Paypal and this is the way.

  • Good timing for Google.

    How soon until everything in our wallet is on our cell phones?

  • When does google update pr?

  • Doesn’t Google have to apply license for these financial operations in every country?

  • is any one concerned that it’s becoming a society of “big brother” controls you. In the past people were afriad that big brother [ be it government or any larg entity] was watching and controling everything. Now it seems people want a large entity in control.
    oh, the guise of it’s helpful is nice but let me see – can be tracked, controlled, google or anyone can freezy an account for any reason and your dead in the water. look at paypal and ebay – one glitch and the world freaks but hey, lets hand over the keys to our very existence. gee – i guess those futuristic movies were right all along.

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  • I wonder how long it will take for Gpay to catch up with paypal?

    crystal ashtray

    Every blue moon. No one knows. 🙂

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  • Thanks..

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