Posted September 4, 2007 2:46 pm by with 2 comments

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I’ve just wrapped another Marketing Pilgrim Live episode. You can watch the recording below and hear me discuss, Viacom’s DMCA insanity, American Blinds’ law suit, and PayPerPost.

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  • Darn .. missed the live show. Good thing we can watch it offline !

  • I always miss the live show…

    Btw you must have missed the original announcement for the funding almost 3 months ago.

    I wish I had had a little more time when I was over in Florida, I would have had the chance to see Argus and give some input.

    A little more info has been released on the PPP blog about it, but nothing very substantial.
    One of the main features is their own backend tracking system so they have real traffic data and click-throughs.

    That actually makes them much more like an advertising system than something for links that affect search engines, and also makes them seem like more competition for Google CPA and Feedburner.