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NBCLast Friday (Aug 31) Jordan blogged about the alleged bust-up between NBC Universal and Apple over pricing – also covering the speculation over alternative partners and forecasting a speedy counter-decision from NBC executives.

Well, our First Lady (no offence to Mrs Beal) wasn’t wrong; NBC wasted no time in securing a new download outlet for their premium television shows – swiftly signing a partnership deal to host their digital TV content with Amazon’s Unbox – an online store already selling NBC Universal’s movies.

This represents another blow to Apple – Universal Music Group had already decided not to renew their contract for music downloads over a decision to offer DRM-free content across other networks.

To kick-off the arrangement, Unbox will release pilot episodes of NBC’s new shows Bionic Woman, Chuck, Journeyman and Life in advance of their network premieres. Other shows will also be available the day after they’re broadcast.

The partnership, however, may be short-lived; although there is no word on how this deal will affect NBC/News Corp’s online video project, more twists to the story could unfold. Hulu enters a private beta stage next month and is currently accepting invite requests.

And the storm raging over pricing is not set to calm either, which is good news for consumers. Amazon will feature a 30% off deal for the advance purchase of a complete season of a series in an effort to undercut Apple’s fixed pricing policy.

Why is it that we love to build up a product or service, only to shoot it down again once its domination gets annoying? Is it corporate muscle we don’t like or is it just plain human nature? Funny old world!

  • That was quick.

    In response to your question at the end I think it’s just human nature. We love to build people up to the point of treating them like gods and then just as much we like to tear them down again. And of course once they’re at the bottom we like to forgive them and start the rebuilding.

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