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As promised last week, Netscape has announced the pending location of its new social news site, logo

The site isn’t currently ready, but Netscape says they’re hard at work behind the scenes on the switch.

Loren Baker, on Search Engine Journal, is hoping for new “Propel it” buttons to replace the old Netscape buttons. (I dunno, sometimes I’m easily distracted 😉 .)

The name has good connotations for a social news site—and is actually spelled correctly. I wonder how much that cost them.

  • Burgo

    “Lee Odden, on Search Engine Journal…”

    Heh. Jordan, I think that should read “Loren Baker” 😛

  • Ahhh…but will the users spell it correctly? Sure wish I owned

  • Is this just going to be another digg site? I think there are already too many of these. Just my 2 cents…

  • Let’s see if netscape’s old oars will be successfully propelled by the launch of this site.

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  • Jordan McCollum

    Thanks, Burgo. I got confused because Lee left a comment on Netscape’s blog asking for spinning Propel it buttons.

  • Why don’t they name it “cooler”?

  • “The name… is actually spelled correctly.”

    Now if we could just convince the others to do the same I might regain my sanity 😉

  • Hmmm… Hate to point this out but Full Sail Real World Education has had an online community/social network for students and alumni called Propeller for years now. Not exactly a public website, more like Facebook was when it was open only to college students, but an unoriginal name for its purpose none the less.

  • Hmm strange.. Site doesn’t load form me:/

  • Jordan McCollum

    Not really, since, as I noted in the article, it hasn’t launched yet.

  • Oh, alright. Thanks Jordan McCollum!

  • A web 2.0 site that spells its name correctly? What’s the world coming to?

  • Burgo

    Pretty sure it was Loren on the Netscape blog as well… I know, it’s irritating, but I’m a stickler for details 🙂
    His is the third comment on

  • Jordan McCollum

    Darn. No idea why then.

  • Don’t feel bad, when I first emailed with Loren, I thought he was a “she”. Fortunately, he let it go. 😉