Posted September 4, 2007 1:26 pm by with 5 comments

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More bizarre news from Overstock. Now, Wikipedia has apparently banned them from editing on their site. This comes after a long history of alleged blantant advertising and other nefarious actions by Overstock on Wikipedia.

For an internet retailer that has such a large profile, it seems inexcusable for Overstock to continue to engages in PR suicide. What in the world is going on over there?

For what it is worth, the Overstock model makes great business sense to me. We have talked to them before, and if they did more business in our sector, we would consider partnering with them. It blows my mind that they cannot seem to get profitable.

  • I haven’t heard much about Overstock’s negative tactics and was wondering if you could give me some links to info on this PR suicide? Sounds interesting to me but the Gary Weiss blog was just too much for me to handle without getting lost and his stuff looks to be all Wikipedia related.

    Any links are greatly appreciated 🙂

  • Mark, just google “Patrick Byrne” (CEO of Overstock) and enjoy…

  • I assume that by “PR” you mean public relations, since Wikipedia toggled the nofollow for its links a long while ago flushing all Page Rank dreams down the toilet.

  • Greg – Thanks for the info. This guy does sound a bit crazy!

  • Thanks for the info Mark. I can’t say I know much about Patrick Byrne or even Overstock for that matter, but after reading a few articles from the search results the guy does seem a little off.

    Some people just don’t get it I guess.