Pilgrim’s Picks, September 6

Okay, enough about Google. There are other things happening on the Internet. And just to prove it, here’s a whole collection of them:

Google Book Search Adds My Library

Okay, so Website Optimizer and Reader aren’t the only Google products getting new features: Google Book Search has added an entire library, just for you.

google book search add to my library

Google Book Search now has the capability to add any book you find—whether they have the full text, a limited preview, or none at all—to a personal, digital collection. The official announcement states that you can rate, review, label, annotate, organize and (of course) search the full text of all the works in your library—apparently even those with limited previews. (I tried a selection of random phrases from The Great Gatsby, they were all found in the limited preview book.)

You can also share your library as a webpage, an RSS feed or an exported XML file.

google book search, my library

Google Reader Adds Search

Website Optimizer isn’t the only Google product getting an upgrade: Google heard my prayers, and today they have been answered. Google Reader has a search capability now! And they can count higher than 100!

google reader update includes accurate unread story count up to 1000 and search

Hard to believe, but for some reason, before today the most popular search engine in most of the Western world didn’t have a search feature for its feed reader. Now, you can search your hundreds of daily stories to find that one you thought saw the other day on the guy with the video . . . ? Um . . . well, it’s not clairvoyant, but the Google Reader search can now help you find things a lot faster.

Hulu Already Living Up To Its Name

Lulu not HuluOnly one week has passed since NBC / News Corp announced the name of their online video project – Hulu.
And it was TechCrunch that made us all laugh when they ironically translated Hulu into Swahili – meaning, among other things, “cease” and “desist”.

Observations like that usually fizzle away – at least Jason Kilar, Hulu CEO, wishes it would. Yesterday, Lulu Enterprises confirmed that they have filed a law suit against N-F Newsite LLC (the operating company) for “trademark infringement, unfair and deceptive trade practices and for federal cyberpiracy” in a US District Court on August 22.

Lulu alleges that Hulu, as a result of their recent name and Internet domain announcements, have intentionally attempted to create confusion in the marketplace.
Hulu, in name, as a mark and in their business as a digital content distribution platform, represents a definitive encroachment.

Pilgrim’s Picks, September 5

Because we’re compelled to keep you on top of absolutely everything.

Google Website Optimizer Updates

Google Website Optimizer, now nearly one year old, has received its first update, according to the Official Google Analytics blog. Ooh, pretty pretty data!

The major improvements to the optimizer include:

  • A wizard for creating A/B split tests (am I drooling?)
  • A better interface for the experiment list display
  • “My Client Center Access Manager”: “Now, with permission from their client accounts, agencies can access Website Optimizer directly through the My Client Center.”

For those of you using Website Optimizer on the agency side, this last point is a great boon: now you’ll be able to manage multiple clients’ accounts from one central agency account.

It’s Official: Blogs Are Media

Forget waiting for some federal shield law to be passed: the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has determined in two separate rulings yesterday, that blogs are, in fact, media, as reported by TechCrunch.

Oh, if only Marketing Pilgrim had a category called, “Duh.” Do these decisions change anything? As I see it, all they is codify the status of blogs as “media.” Or should I say, the status of a blog as a medium. A blog has always been a medium—a way that political candidates and interested parties can communicate with the public at large.