Will Facebook Adhere to OSW Bill of Rights?

A predictable clash of interests is brewing.

Mark Zuckerberg – programmer and founder of the social networking site Facebook – has taken yet another controversial decision, this time to integrate profile searching, in an effort to drive more traffic from name-based searches across the major search engines.

Although users will be able to exclude their profiles and the facility will be restricted to over 18’s, initially many participants will be concerned for their privacy.

The Public Search Listing of a profile shows the profile picture thumbnail and links to interact with a user on Facebook. People will always have to log in or register to poke, message or add someone as a friend. A user can also restrict what information shows in their public listing by going to the search privacy page.

NBC Waste No Time With Amazon Deal

NBCLast Friday (Aug 31) Jordan blogged about the alleged bust-up between NBC Universal and Apple over pricing – also covering the speculation over alternative partners and forecasting a speedy counter-decision from NBC executives.

Well, our First Lady (no offence to Mrs Beal) wasn’t wrong; NBC wasted no time in securing a new download outlet for their premium television shows – swiftly signing a partnership deal to host their digital TV content with Amazon’s Unbox – an online store already selling NBC Universal’s movies.

This represents another blow to Apple – Universal Music Group had already decided not to renew their contract for music downloads over a decision to offer DRM-free content across other networks.

Yahoo Acquiring BlueLithium Ad Network

Yahoo has just announced their plans to acquire ad network company BlueLithium for $300 million in cash.

“BlueLithium’s products, technology and team will be an integral part of our drive to build the industry’s leading advertising and publishing network,” said Jerry Yang, chief executive officer, Yahoo! Inc. “This acquisition will extend our ability to deliver powerful data analytics, advanced targeting and innovative media buying strategies to our customers, who are increasingly looking for these insights. By leveraging BlueLithium’s complementary expertise and tools, we will be able to better address the needs of our performance-based display advertisers and enhance the value of our publishers’ inventory.”

BlueLithium is the 5th largest ad network in the US and 2nd largest in the UK with 145 million unique visitors each month. What’s Yahoo actually buying?

Yahoo Tries Out Video Shortcut for Music

Google Blogoscoped reports on a recent sighting: Yahoo experimenting with a video “onebox” shortcut on selected music queries. Blogoscoped spotted it working for Rammstein, and I’ve seen Hot Hot Heat, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and Queen (but not Flight of the Conchords, the Beatles or the Monkees…).

yahoo shortcut video onebox

The text links in the box take you to the official site, and Yahoo music for albums, lyrics and videos. You can play individual songs from the shortcut box itself and the video results are unique in that they play within the SERP in a “lightbox” effect.

yahoo shortcut video onebox yahoo music exclusive opening in serp

Can it compete with Universal Search? You tell me:
google universal results for the same query

While there is a video result from YouTube down at #8, I’ve gotta say that Yahoo’s SERP is cooler, though I’m a little sad there’s nothing for the Beatles.

Marketing Pilgrim Live – Hulu, Viacom, American Blinds & PayPerPost

I’ve just wrapped another Marketing Pilgrim Live episode. You can watch the recording below and hear me discuss Hulu.com, Viacom’s DMCA insanity, American Blinds’ law suit, and PayPerPost.

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No Love Lost between Wikipedia and Overstock

More bizarre news from Overstock. Now, Wikipedia has apparently banned them from editing on their site. This comes after a long history of alleged blantant advertising and other nefarious actions by Overstock on Wikipedia.

For an internet retailer that has such a large profile, it seems inexcusable for Overstock to continue to engages in PR suicide. What in the world is going on over there?

For what it is worth, the Overstock model makes great business sense to me. We have talked to them before, and if they did more business in our sector, we would consider partnering with them. It blows my mind that they cannot seem to get profitable.

Pilgrim’s Picks for September 4 – Birthday Edition

Did you take the time to celebrate yesterday? No, I’m not talking about Labor day, but Marketing Pilgrim’s 2nd birthday. While it seems like I’ve been blogging forever, Marketing Pilgrim is still very young. In fact, I’m dreading the terrible twos–they say blogs can be a real handful when they get to this age. ;-)

Thanks to all of our fantastic readers–you guys are the smartest blog readers out there! Thanks also to our many great advertisers and of course our great team of writers.

While I go and blow out the candles, here are some tasty news items to digest.