Rumor Mill: Jotspot to Re-Launch as Google Wiki?

It seems rumors are flying that Google may soon re-launch, the previously acquired wiki service Jotspot, as Google Wiki.

image It’s been almost a year since Google acquired Jotspot and since then has really done anything with it. The service included a wiki and whole bunch of other collaboration tools and it was expected these would be rolled into Google Apps quickly–we’re still waiting.

While Google Blogoscoped has a login link that appears to include a Google Wiki logo, we’re not convinced. As a Google Apps customer, you can upload your own logo and so it would be easy to create a Google Wiki logo and upload it yourself. We’re not saying it’s definitely faked, but let’s just say we’re suspicious of the actual logo shown.

PayPerPost Secures $10M Prepares Launch of "Argus"

image While Marketing Pilgrim has never accepted direct payment for a blog post review, it seems enough other bloggers have done so to convince investors to plough $10 million into PayPerPost.

The Orlando Sentinel covers the story and provides a good recap of the company’s stormy launch–when it didn’t insist on blogging disclosures–its growth to 50,000 bloggers, and its constant criticism by TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington.

Interestingly, the adage “all publicity is good publicity” seems to be true for PayPerPost.

There’s no question the negative publicity helped the company. The popular technology blog TechCrunch, with more than 650,000 readers, has written about PayPerPost more than a dozen times. The headlines included “ offers to sell your soul,” and “The PayPerPost Virus Spreads.”

Still, any other startup probably would kill for that many mentions.

Google Wins American Blinds Legal War of Attrition

After spending close to 4 years suing Google for trademark infringement, American Blind & Wallpaper has apparently rolled over and shown their belly in defeat.

According to Reuters, the case has been settled with Google not having to make any changes or pay American Blind a single penny. In addition to both parties paying their own legal costs…

American Blinds agreed not to sue Google “so long as Google does not make a material change in its AdWords trademark policy that adversely affects (American Blinds & Wallpaper Factory.” It also agreed not to assist other parties in suing Google.

“Google has not made and has not agreed to make any payment to (American Blinds & Wallpaper) of any kind whatsoever, whether in cash, credit or otherwise, and that Google has not agreed to change its trademark policies or any exception to how it applies its trademark policies,” the agreement said.

Gpay Adds Insult To Injury

Gpay Just as users report a second major eBay property outage in the last 30 days, PayPal wake up to the stark reality of Google’s expansion plans with the publication of a new Patent application.

PayPal’s subscription service stopped working the same day, August 30. Service providers affected by the outage have been advised that the issue could take until September 5 or 6 to fix – possibly delaying tens of millions of dollars in monthly subscription payments.

In the meantime, the US Patent Office released details of Google’s text message-based payment system filed under the guise of Gpay on February 28, 2006. Although dubbed as a mobile web solution – possibly Google Checkout for mobile, Gpay does have the blueprint of being web independent. Images clearly indicate the offline payment of goods – including vending machines, point of delivery, and over-the-counter from retailers – where the transaction is facilitated using a mobile device.