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How was your weekend? Did you get to enjoy the first day of Fall? While you try and figure out where the Summer went, here are today’s top news links.

  • Congratulations to Ning (disc) for reaching 100,000 social networks, but how many of them are active networks? Would ours be considered active?
  • You would think that MySpace on your cell phone would already be free–after all, they want to build users, right? Actually, a free version of MySpace mobile launches today and will be chock full of advertising.
  • Your Truman Show will today announce a new video sharing widget.
  • If you can’t keep up with your RSS feeds, you might want to consider FeedHub. R/WW reports the service will filter your feeds and help you find new “memes”. A similar service, RSS Brief,  is being tested by PayPerPost.
  • E-consultancy has another one of their excellent, and free, roundtable summaries. This one is on SEO.