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So why do we have “Pilgrim’s Picks?”

It’s like this. We often come by news that is important enough to share, but not deep enough to justify its own post. While other bloggers might take a single story and turn it into 300+ words of fluff, we know your time is valuable.

Pilgrim’s Picks is 100% natural with no artificial flavors, colors, or additives. 🙂

  • Do you use Gmail on your cell phone? Check out the new features for Gmail mobile.
  • Does anyone doubt that Facebook will overtake MySpace as the top social network? They’ve done just that in the UK.
  • I always hold my breadth whenever I see a “mainstream” site discuss SEO–you just never know what you are going to get. Fortunately, CNET is smart enough to have Stephen Spencer cover SEO for them, and even BusinessWeek has some good advice–although must we always have a “the field is also full of scam artists” disclaimer whenever discussing SEO? Doesn’t every field have scam artists?
  • I’ve not heard much from Turn, since their launch. Today we learn they’ve raised $8M in VC.
  • Want to know a great way to promote your blog? Run a contest! Want to know how to promote your contest? Submit it to Contest Blogger or one of the many other blogging contest sites.

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Hat-tip to CrunchGear, where I blatantly stole borrowed the idea of adding “editions” to Pilgrim’s Picks. 😉