Posted September 28, 2007 10:10 am by with 4 comments

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How’s your iBrick iPhone this morning? I read that a lot of users are being locked out thanks to a new firmware update–and it’s not just those that bought unlocked phones either.

For those of you who didn’t jump on the iPhone bandwagon, you’ll have no problem reading these stories on your phone this morning! 🙂

  • That will it blend series is ingenious. Classic example of how to take a product and utilize social media to its fullest.

    Wonder how the idea came about in the first place. Perhaps it was an accident, that they kind of stumbled upon?

  • I remember reading about it somewhere, can’t remember how they came up with the idea. Smart though.

  • The DailyMe actually looks interesting if you are up for compiling your own newspaper through various sources. Who would one target with this though?

  • It’s just a matter of time before they can unlock the relocked iPhone. Apple may have really good engineers, but the planet has even better or at least many more.