Pilgrim’s Picks, September 6

Okay, enough about Google. There are other things happening on the Internet. And just to prove it, here’s a whole collection of them:

  • http://www.markbarrera.com Mark Barrera

    On the ‘cyberstalking’ issue – we have a client using these retargeting ads and are seeing better much better results than a normal banner campaign. Definitely something worth keeping an eye on.

  • http://www.autospider.org autospider

    “Gets Inside Google’s gPhone”.
    gPhone was really released?
    I am from China, and see nothing in China market.

  • http://www.u-g-h.com Owen Cutajar

    @autospider: the article mentions nothing about the gPhone having been released. All it says is that: “New signals and speculation about Google’s mobile initiatives emerge daily, but with no clear proclamations as yet from the Web search leader.”