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TechCrunch is reporting LinkedIn will allow users to add photos as of this Friday. As Mike Butcher suggests, the move by LinkedIn is likely in response to the growing number of people using Facebook for business networking.

Is this too little, too late for LinkedIn?

While I have a LinkedIn account–and like the service–since joining Facebook I’ve found myself using it for business instead of LinkedIn. I’m not sure I’d go back to LinkedIn.

What about you, which do you prefer for business networking?

  • It’s funny because I’ve had an account with both for some time, but lately FaceBook has really taken over. I think LinkedIn’s huge mistake was trying to monetize the ability to connect with other poeple and having to know other people’s email address to connect. I’ve found it much easier to re-connect with people through FaceBook.

  • I think it has very little to do with competition from Facebook and very much to do with the fact that users have been asking for it for a long time and they’ve just finally gotten around to it.

    They are radically different tools and your poll is missing an option for “Why choose? I use both.”

  • @Scott – good point, I just added “Both” to the poll options. Keep in mind the poll asks which do you “prefer”. 😉

  • I think we are once again seeing Facebook emerging as the preferred tool for business networking. Although Linkedln offers a good service, Facebook seems to be a significantly easier way to network and connect with people, as Jon mentioned in an earlier comment. I think that Linkedln is going to have a tough time retaining its current users.

  • Clearly facebook, why would I log into a seperate network just to chat to ‘business contacts’ when they’re all on facebook anyway (plus that’s where my friends are too ;))

  • I like them both. They are ideal, in my mind, for different aspects of networking and searching people. For me it is nice to have one place that’s more formal, “here’s my professional background and business info,” and one that’s more “here’s who I am and what I’m talking about.”

    What I’m wondering…when do we get to where it’s appropriate to put your Facebook URL on your resume or business card?

  • See, people still just don’t seem to get LinkedIn — it’s not a networking site like Facebook — I don’t even see them as competitive. Some users have tried to force it to that paradigm and when you do, it falls short.

    Think of it as a road map of your relationships (and theirs). When you want a value-added referral to a busy person who’s hard to reach, or at least to get their attention, then LinkedIn is the best — the only — tool. When you want to network with people who have a couple of hours a day to spend on social networking sites, then use Facebook.

    It’s like comparing a hammer and a screwdriver and saying one is better than the other. The people who are saying Facebook is better than LinkedIn are like people saying that a screwdriver is better than a hammer, when they’ve been trying to use the hammer to drive screws instead of using it for what it’s uniquely good at.

  • I just recently started using linkedin, but I think in the long run, Facebook will dominate. Both is the answer I chose in the polls though.

  • I use both though I spend a lot more time on Facebook. LinkedIn seems a bit crowded with hiring and recruiting folks for my uses sometimes. However, I did find LinkedIn’s Answers section to be useful on a couple of occasions.

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  • Still LinkedIn more serious and official than Facebook.

  • I use both, but prefer LinkedIn for business use. It creates a more professional presence and there aren’t as many distractions when I’m trying to find somebody or something. The Answers section is a great source of information and can also aid in finding the right person for a unique situation.

    However, Facebook could be better for recruiters and those looking to fill positions. A Facebook profile reveals much more about a person’s character and personality than a LinkedIn profile, which are easily sanitized and misleading.

    Bottom line is, I agree with Scott Allen. Both are useful in different situations and neither one can effectively replace the other. That doesn’t mean they will both survive and thrive. If I was a betting man (and I am), I would put my money on Facebook to stay in the mainstream a lot longer than LinkedIn.

  • George

    Like Andrew and several others, I use both and prefer to keep them separate. I understand and realize that FB is very visible to clients, employers and even Mom(!), but I would rather play around there and keep LinkedIn for straight business stuff.

    Watching LinkedIn reduce to a directory or online resume and services site with endorsements seems like one future outcome.

  • Oooh, I can hardly believe LinkedIn is winning the poll at the time of this writing. LOL.

    Facebook for *business* networking is MY platform of choice – hands down!!

    I’ve been on LinkedIn for years, but only have a relatively small network compared to FB. In less than six weeks, I’ve grown my FB community to almost 300 quality contacts.

    In fact, I just launched an introductory class to show others how to use FB for biz purposes… especially for those peeps who keep asking me if it’s just like MySpace for adults. Hmmm.

  • Mari, I don’t disagree with you. I just said that I prefer to compartmentalize a little more than that and keep business discussions on LI while playing in public on FB.

    I liken them to a conference or trade show. Being on LinkedIn is like working the booth. You’re wearing the company attire of the day, and you’re staying on message. Being on FB is like the reception that night. You’re not going to imitate Belushi in “Animal House”, but you’re going to let your hair down in front of folks a little bit.

    I think there is space for both in the world — especially while there is a generation of early Boomers who are never going to log in to FB for any reason, but might give LI a try if pushed hard enough.

    I can our CEO now. (WTF is a zombie, and why are you one?)

  • People are jumping from one networking site to another. You can not develop a business network doing that. Internet Marketers jumped on FB as soon as they let anyone join. Will it be another IM fad. Actualy it will all depend on your market.

    And the winner will be?

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  • Facebook is winning out over LinkedIn with those I deal with in the real estate sector.

  • I prefer to be on Linkedln. though facebook is also good but it is not popular in india.

  • Emma

    I think it depends heavily on your business.

    LinkedIn in fabulous for finding professionals, figuring out who is working where etc.

    Facebook is much more personal and I see it as a much better space for “personal” services (e.g. restaurants, hair dressers)….the type of thing you might ask a friend to refer.

    I wouldn’t ask my friends about a good IT consultant and more than I’d ask my business collegues where they get their hair done.

    very different uses depending on the business you are in.