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Reuters has announced a facial-recognition video search program this week. In conjunction with Viewdle, facial recognition software, Reuters will index its videos so that readers can search its news footage for individuals.

Reuters’ video search results currently appear in a box at the right of the Reuters’ SERPs:
Reuters video search results

The Face Search feature, currently housed at Reuters Labs, gives a vastly different result page:

Reuters Labs facial recognition video search

The text listings here are less illustrative than the screencaps used in the standard interface. However, the results are doubtlessly more thorough. For the face search, Viewdle takes the video frame-by-frame for complete analysis. Handily, these results return the clips cued to the exact time that the individual first appears.

MediaPost reports that the feature will be integrated into the new site after an evaluation of user statistics and feedback.

  • That’s pretty slick. I’m sure Viacom will be interested in using this for any video that includes Stephen Colbert. 😉

  • I’ve always been amazed that software could recognize faces enough to pick one out. I’m not sure if it’s any more difficult than other things software can do, but this is one that impresses me.

  • Reuters is a leader in digital content
    We can study the benefits of this search technology.
    I am interested how are they monetizing that