Posted September 21, 2007 7:55 pm by with 2 comments

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Michael Arrington seems pretty confident in his sources and is suggesting Google will open up on November 5th.

On November 5 we’ll likely see third party iGoogle gadgets that leverage Orkut’s social graph information – the most basic implementation of what Google is planning. From there we may see a lot more – such as the ability to pull Orkut data outside of Google and into third party applications via the APIs. And Google is also considering allowing third parties to join the party at the other end of the platform – meaning other social networks (think Bebo, Friendster, Twitter, Digg and thousands of others) to give access to their user data to developers through those same APIs.

Google’s move is an effort to combat the “Facebook issue.” Arrington says they’ll start with Orkut but expand to include Gmail, Google Talk and other Google services.

Hit TechCrunch for more.

  • This will be interesting to see what applications people can think of. Facebook’s open API spawned a bunch of random idea’s into extreme free viral marketing. People are now making entire companies out of Facebook applications, and I can only see Google’s publicity being on a much larger scale.

  • i wonder what will they pull out of Orkut…
    the new half-working newsfeed?
    or tens of spam personal messages i bet every orkut user receives?
    and orkut is mainly used from brasil and india, and almost no USA.
    what value will that data add to google?