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The Inquirer is reporting we should soon see Google’s PowerPoint clone, named Presently. Now, before you run around all excited–like a child with their underpants on their head–consider that we’ve heard these rumors since February.

Still, where there’s smoke there’s fire and the Inquirer has plenty of smoke…

Google is presently touring publishing houses to show Presently, so even if they make hacks sign an infuriatingly Web 1.0 non-disclosure agreement, an announcement can?t be far off.

As a Google Apps user, I’m excited that one day I can finally uninstall Microsoft Office.

  • IM not so sure I want to see Google and MS really fight. If Google does this, it will surely be a fight.

  • You still have Office installed? Ok I have Word, but the only time I ever open it is when someone sends me a Word Document and I want to see their formatting. And I do use Excel.

    I’m not one who wants to store my data online. I don’t really need access to things from anywhere, though I appreciate the benefit for those that do. If I don’t have my laptop with me I’m not working. I think I spent about an hour using Apps to write a post about it way back when and I haven’t used it since.

    Of course Google Apps isn’t competing with Office.

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  • Soon Google will eat Microsoft.