Posted September 4, 2007 10:58 am by with 4 comments

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It seems rumors are flying that Google may soon re-launch, the previously acquired wiki service Jotspot, as Google Wiki.

image It’s been almost a year since Google acquired Jotspot and since then has really done anything with it. The service included a wiki and whole bunch of other collaboration tools and it was expected these would be rolled into Google Apps quickly–we’re still waiting.

While Google Blogoscoped has a login link that appears to include a Google Wiki logo, we’re not convinced. As a Google Apps customer, you can upload your own logo and so it would be easy to create a Google Wiki logo and upload it yourself. We’re not saying it’s definitely faked, but let’s just say we’re suspicious of the actual logo shown.

Despite the discrepancies, adding Jotspot to Google Apps would be very much welcomed!

  • Real logo or not Jotspot would make a nice addition to Apps. And I suppose it’s about time Google did something with it.

    How well known is the Jotspot brand? Certainly not as well known as Google’s brand. It might not be a bad idea to rebrand even if the Blogscoped post turns out not to be legit.

  • This app is more useful than from 37signals.

  • I definitely agree with Steve on this one. A new name could do a whole lot of good to their product.

  • Jotspot’s current logo seems really impressive hmm.