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Ingenio, Inc. announced yesterday that they will be joining forces with Network Solutions to incorporate Pay Per Call services into the Network Solutions suite of interactive marketing packages. The Pay Per Call feature will allow Network Solutions customers the ability to generate phone calls from their potential clients through their online marketing campaigns and only pay for the calls that they receive.

Once the Pay Per Call feature is fully implemented later this month, Network Solutions customers will be able to advertise to consumers who are searching for local businesses and wish to interact with a live person. Pay Per Call advertisers will also be allowed to run their ads across the Ingenio advertising network, which consists of free directory assistance service providers, mobile search, leading search engines and Internet yellow page directories.

“The addition of Ingenio Pay Per Call to our suite of interactive marketing products reinforces our commitment to providing our customers with an interactive marketing strategy that delivers more than just Web site traffic,” said Lara Mehanna, product marketing director of Network Solutions. “Pay Per Call’s ability to deliver prospects who are close to a point of sale is yet another way we are helping our pay-per-click customers drive a higher rate of ROI from their interactive marketing campaigns.”

Pay Per Call can be quickly setup using a few easy steps: customers first create a simple text ad, select their service areas and business categories; and set their phone call lead price using a bid for placement system that will help determine how high in the search results an ad will appear. Using Ingenio’s real-time reporting tools, Pay Per Call will also allow Network Solutions search analysts and customers to effectively manage the ROI of a customer’s campaign.

The Pay Per Click service sounds like a useful tool for evaluating online marketing strategies. It will be interesting to see the response from Network Solutions customers.

  • Makes sense to have pay per call advertising. If your goal has been to get someone to your site and then have the site convince them to call you might as well eliminate the middle step.

    This might not work for everyone. In some cases your site might help to filter out some people who landed there without really being interested in your offerings.

    But people who call are further along the buying cycle. You might click on the first result you see. You generally won’t call the first number you see.

    I’ll be interested in seeing how hight the bids get.

  • I will also wait and see how far Pay Per Call help in the conversions.

  • will wait and see how far Pay Per Call help in the conversions.

  • I never heard about it before…
    Thanks has write about this cool information…

  • sounds like a good option for potential customers who are need that product but are interested in details.

  • Waw, thanks has write about this !

  • pay by calls of course are interesting.

    But there is a number of factors that are to be fulfilled before it gives correct success

    * Does the site motivates the user contacts the company?

    * Are the telephone number the correct places on the site and not only at the bottom of the site

    * Is there too little information on the site, to many not converting calls

    * Is there too much information on the site You maybe gets too few calls

    Finally then you also have to avoid unimportant support calls.

    /Henrik IIH Copenhagen
    AdWords specialist

  • Shawn Stephens

    As long as you have the correct description of what your company does, you should’nt have a problem with little or too much calls. You set your bid price, and the bid price is really what determins on where your ad will be placed and how many times it will be shown throughout the day. The conversions are great. My company is using it, and this method was developed over 2 years ago. Their is not much more time you need to wait and see, do a little research and you find out that many companies are benefiting off of it right now.