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Despite being a marketer at heart, I just can’t bring myself to put together a readership survey and ask each of you to work through a couple dozen mind-numbing questions. That said, I’d still love to learn what it is about Marketing Pilgrim that keeps you coming back each day–you do come back each day, right?

So, in true Marketing Pilgrim style, I thought I’d simply throw some cash at you and see if that might be incentive to share your thoughts with me. With that, here’s the next Marketing Pilgrim contest.

Publish a blog post about why you read and two things will happen:

  1. I’ll link to your post from this one – so you get a free link.
  2. Each person I link to will automatically be entered into a random drawing to win $500 in cash (which is the same as money)! πŸ˜‰

Easy enough?

Write what you want–if you read MP because your want to disagree with me each day, that’s fine–we just want to hear from you. The deadline for entry is November 15th.

Is there any small print to the contest? Not much…

  1. Once you’ve uploaded your post, simply leave a comment below with the URL of the post.
  2. We reserve the right to reject any entry.
  3. One entry per person.
  4. You agree to let us use your comments/thoughts on
  5. We can change the rules at any time–in case we forget something. πŸ˜‰

If you’re a long time reader of MP, you know that we love to give away prizes. Everyone that enters will at least earn a link to their site and you could also win $500!

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UPDATE: We have a winner!