Posted September 20, 2007 11:17 am by with 6 comments

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Everyone’s talking about Zillow’s new $30 million round of VC funding. I wasn’t sure what angle to focus on–then it hit me. This $30M comes just shortly after ex-Google employee Vanessa Fox joins the company.


I think not. SEOmoz just raised $1.25M with talk that Vanessa might join the company’s board of directors. She’s attracting money wherever she goes!

What’s next for Vanessa?

George Bush wants her to swing by the U.S Treasury.

The SCO Group wants her to get them out of bankruptcy.

And if she leaves a comment on this post, maybe I’ll win the lottery this weekend. 😉


  • heh. Maybe I should redirect some of that magic power to my own bank acct huh. 😉

  • I just heard from Spencer that the $30 mil is all going to help with your signing bonus… Seriously, is the price of Diet Coke that high?

  • I heard it was to do a remake of Buffy – “Vanessa the Realtor Slayer!” 😉

  • Vanessa I don’t suppose I could offer you a job. If Andy’s right I can afford to pay you a pretty good salary.

  • She seems to have the midas touch! I’ll have to find a way to “bump into her” at the next conference.

  • “Maybe I should redirect some of that magic power to my own bank acct”

    Just make sure it’s not one of those pesky temporary 302 redirects… 😉